Fonderie Fallais
Parc Industriel – Rue de Waremme 123 – B-4530 VILLERS-LE-BOUILLET
Tél. +32 (0)85 273 370 – Fax. +32 (0)85 235 010
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Established in 1948 by Gaston fallais, our factory initially produced castings in copper-based alloys and, from the 1960s, specialised exclusively in aluminium alloys.

Its biggest production advantage lies in its having three moulding techniques, sand casting, gravity die and high pressure die casting on a single site, under the same management team.

This enables us, after a preliminary study, to offer you the most advantageous production method with regard to quantity / price ratio.

The availability of the 3 techniques also allows you to envisage a change in process according to a change in product requirements.

A heat treatment unit and a machining department equipped with several CNC milling and turning centres complete the production of high-performance aluminium alloys.

We also take care of any surface treatments and can supply made-up sub-assemblies, ready to be integrated directly into your products.


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