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Aluminium has a daring touch !

Aluminium seduces architects and designers.
It combines esthetics, finesse, resistance and environmental qualities .
Aluminium inspires designers to dream and is known as a wholly noble material.

Undeniable qualities:
Light and malleable, aluminium « folds » in four. Imagination can run wild.
It offers a very good resistance/weight ratio allowing required specifications to be met by lightening the structure.
It lends itself to flexible design while favouring esthetic aspects. There is a great diversity in the range of shapes, surface finishes and colours.
Longevity is another strong point of aluminium. It is weather and corrosion-resistant even without surface protection.

In the realisation of your ideas and projects you can rely on our team of solid and motivated engineers with a long experience in the   mastery of our three casting techniques (sand, gravity and high pressure die).

This is what drives our great performance in all the phases of a project: at the drawing board stage, in elaborating the order and in the rigorous control of the execution processes including planning and budget management.